Pippa von den Donau-Wirbeln
DOB 2/03/2014
World's Famous Hege-Haus and Pöttmes bloodlines. 
Pippas 5 Generation pedigree has 37 KS (Kurzhaar Siegers)
We are so pleased to welcome Pippa to our family, She comes from the famous well known Heage Haus / Pöttmes bloodlines, with 37 KS dogs (Kurzhaar Siegers) in his 5 generation pedigree. Pipa is the full brother to Peter who we imported first. I have been so impressed with Peter, I contacted Catrinel about the opportunity to bring Piipa to the states, I was very pleased when she aggreed to.

Pippa once again is a very welcome addition, and we look for to getting her ready with Peter to run their NAVHDA natural Ability test this fall and the Derby next spring.

Thank-you to Catrinel Pauna & Petru Didi Antonovici, in Romania, they have a fantastic program and we are very pleased to have had the opportunity to import 2 of their dogs.
SIRE: Titan vom Thüringer Zipfel
Derby 1 (Search 4h, Nose 4h), Solms 1, VGP 1, HN, LN, VBR, Fw. V2, HD A2
DAM: RJCh Christel von den Donau-Wirbeln
Derby 1, Solms 1, HD-A2, Fw. V, Romanian Junior Champion
Titans Pedigree